Wedding of the Year 2016

Wedding of the year 2016. This is the photo album I exhibited at the ANFM convention. It tells the love story of Cristina and Alessandro, the happiness and joy of a dream coming true.

On the wedding day, Cristina decides to apply her own make up, so as to remain relaxed. Her closest family then helps her to wear the beautiful sequin and trimmed gown. Excitement is in the air as she is about to marry the man of her life! Alessandro is ready and waiting at the entrance of the cathedral of Oderzo. His wide smile is a weak attempt to mask the incredible trepidation on his big day.

A similarly strong emotion, tension I dare saying, brings everyone to tears as the bride arrives. Even the father of the bride surrenders to the powerful joy when he walks his daughter down the aisle.

When Cristina and Alessandro meet at the altar, Love culminates in a tender hug. After the ‘I do’s that will unite them forever, Alessandro moves his head close to hers, like a sweet lover. He seems to say: “We are husband and wife now, now we are one”.

After the traditional throwing of the rice on the couple at the church entrance, everyone meets at  “Al Brolo”, at the foot of the Alps, by Treviso. The reception takes place in a lemon tree conservatory, plunged in the greenery of the restaurant garden. Tension melts away and gives way to pure joy. The cheery flower girls are singing and dancing around the newlyweds, maybe dreaming in turn of their own prince charming and wedding gown.

I steal a few more pictures as the sun goes down and the delight rises up. A last kiss, a fervent dance and finally a tender hug close the night sealing off this memorable day, full with love.

“Happy the moment which we, you and I, sit in the palace,
with two forms and two figures but with one soul, you and I.”