I like stories…

Each of us, for each moment of their lives, has a story to tell. That is exactly what I aspire to do! I tell your wedding story as if it were a novel. I do so through the form of art that I feel closest tophotography. My photography is emotional. I want to catch the most touching moments of your story, the most special ones, without changing its natural course. I want to tell your story without intruding.

To my new clients, I introduce myself though my wedding reportage portfolio. I tend to sit quietly and allow my photos to talk, to tell their story and express to the viewer the emotions they captured. Everything is seized within them: flavours, fragrances and a part of myself, too.

I don’t like stiffness. I avoid it. My photography is free and spontaneous. For each photo, I pick its colours and light meticulously, just as a sculptor forges and moulds his works. Nothing is left to chance.

Attention to detail is my signature and, in my photos, emotions are the main focus.

“ I hope to share with you the love and passion that the art of photography seals in its images…
The ability that a photo has, to seize memories and warm up a person heart, fascinates me.”

fotografo matrimonio alessandro capuzzo

About Me

Hello, my name is Alessandro and I’m a wedding photographer. I was born in 1979 and I work around Padua and Verona. I love life in the open air and I love nature but above all, I love being with other people. In 2005 I decided to turn my love for wedding photography into my profession. Ever since, each ceremony and reportage allows me to tell new stories. I’m also a member of some of the most prestigious wedding photographer associations, such as ANFM, ISPWP, Fearless Photographers and Best of Wedding Photography.