Wedding Photographer

I hope to share with you the love and passion that the art of photography seals in its images… The ability that a photo has, to seize memories and warm up a person heart, fascinates me.


This is what I reply when I’m asked what my job is. I believe that a wedding photographer should be like a writer, able to tell the story behind a special day. I like to do so without intruding, letting the bride and groom free to share those precious moments with their loved ones.

I love emotional photography and I love attention to details. When the couple looks back at my photos, I would like them to be able to live over the same excitement they felt when the pictures were taken; the thrill of the silk gown on her nude skin when getting ready, the flutter in his stomach from the first glance of her while she walks down the aisle, the tune of that first dance…

“I catch love in a picture”. This is what I do as a Italian wedding photographer.


My job comes with a photojournalistic style. I like to photograph the real events without alterations, to give you the opportunity to remember those moments and those emotions, exactly as you lived them. I feel the responsibility to carry a critical task in your ceremony, to create those pictures that will make you to relive moments of real life, without which those moments would be forgotten. Those pictures will be part of your family history.

You will not feel my presence during the wedding, I will play the role of storyteller without any intrusion, to capture the uniqueness of your love story. For this reason it will be important for me to get to know you before the event and build the right empathy between us.