Frequently asked questions

I’m a photo reporter. My purpose is to recount your wedding day. My photos will tell your personal story in pictures, conveying the emotions and feelings captured in those moments.
I think of myself as a writer. I will take part in your wedding discretely and then write up a novel; your story. I won’t use words to tell that story, but images, in which I will describe those moments full of unique emotions; a truly sincere hug, a spontaneous tear or a genuine smile.

If you like conventional wedding photography then I don’t think I’m the most appropriate choice for you.

Not at all. I mainly work in the Padua, Venice regions, Tuscany and in the Lake Garda area.

However, I’m happy to travel all around Italy to meet your needs. When transfers exceed 100 Km return, the travel expenses will be charged to the client. Expenses include fuel, motorway fees and potential accommodation expenses.

After receiving your message from the contact form, I will verify my availability for your wedding date and I will send you a e-brochure with further information. It will then be possible to book my services via email, after paying a deposit.

When filling in the contact form, I kindly ask you to provide as much information as possible about the wedding, i.e. the ceremony location, the date and time of the wedding, the reception venue, the number of guests taking part, if you are being helped by a wedding planner or not, and so on… All such detail will be extremely useful to be able to get back to you with a precise quote.

Please be advised that I won’t reply to messages asking only about the price of the services. I’m not interested in working with the type of audience who only cares about the service cost and isn’t interested in any other aspect of it.

I offer different packages, based on time and that are designed to meet your needs. Once you choose a package, it will be possible to add an album to complete it. In both cases, I will deliver high quality image files, all without my signature or logos.

I would be happy to hear from you and discuss the financial side of things. First though, have a look at my work and make sure I’m the right professional for your wedding day.

When working, I don’t limit myself. I will hand in all the final files, in high resolution and ready to be printed, without my signature or logos.

Usually, a ten-hour wedding will result in something between 800 to 1000 photos.

I would be lying if I said they don’t. Locations, and by that I mean all the places you will be going to on your wedding day, are pretty important for the final look of the photos that will be taken there. For instance, were the bride getting ready in a gloomy, tiny room, I wouldn’t be able to take high quality pictures. No one could.

Photography, literally means “writing with light”. When light is missing it’s pretty tricky to write anything.

This will mainly depend on the season you choose for your wedding. During the year there are more and less popular dates. For instance, after years of experience, I would recommend you contact me at least one year before your wedding date if the ceremony is taking place in June or September.

I still suggest you contact me as soon as you pick the wedding date.

Reportage photography is very much conditioned by what is really happening.
I cannot photograph something that is not going on.

The weddings one sees browsing my portfolio have really been rich in fun and touching moments. However, the photographer also makes a difference of course. I will be able to foresee and capture those special moments in my photos, and you will then manage to live them over through my pictures.

However, if nothing much happens I won’t be able to do much. You will have to help me and allow for those moments to happen, for example, by engaging with your guests.

My photography is emotional. The more meaningful moments arise on your wedding day, the more I will document and the more you will be able to live again through my pictures.

All of the complete reportages you can see on my portfolio, and the albums I present when introducing my work to potential clients, have been chosen and designed by myself.

I believe that a story should be told by the narrator and not by the story characters. This allows me to present my experience of the wedding and ensure my pictures meet the highest level of quality and creativity.

I usually deliver the album within four months. This, however, depends greatly on the season. I personally take care of the image choice, the layout and the post-production. The latter is extremely time consuming. All the files I hand in, roughly 800-1000 images, are post-produced and ready to be printed. From the start, I opted to take personal care of each step of the work flow, without outsourcing any part of it. In fact, I strongly believe that picture post-production is a fundamental aspect and a professional signature of photography, which has a great impact on the final result.

I’m sorry but I’m unable to do so.

I receive many requests for quotes and it would be impossible for me to contact back each hesitant couple. I will generally leave a few days for you to consider my quote. At the end of the day, the choice of the wedding photographer is one of the most important ones when organising one’s special day.

I will only be able to commit to a wedding date once the contract is signed and the down payment transferred.

I don’t deal with making videos myself. Were you interested though, I could surely point you towards some professional camera operators whose work I value highly.

Experience has taught me that for me to deliver my best, the camera operator working at the same wedding must fit a specific profile. If I wasn’t able to work with that sort of professional, I would prefer to turn down the wedding commission all together rather than deliver a photo reportage that wouldn’t reach my standards. I’ve already had several such experiences and I know that it could happen.

Yes! I need you to enjoy yourselves together with your guests, instead of spending the whole day with the photographer 🙂

I will be there during the whole wedding but I don’t have any special requirements. I will only need to eat something to avoid caving in at the height of it all. I will also need a small table where to place my equipment. I can’t guarantee that the reportage will include each and every guest. Having said that, if you want to take a specific picture with a friend or a family member, I will of course be available, so just ask. I will remind you to take the customary pictures, those with the parents, the witnesses or the best man and bridesmaids. They are nice memories and in the frenzy of the day you could forget about them!

For any further clarification, don’t hesitate to contact me!