wedding at Ca Vendramin Venice

Wedding at Ca’ Vendramin – Venice

In the heart of Venice, Giulia and Giacomo’s wedding at Ca’ Vendramin was a dream that turned into reality, making every moment of this unique day unforgettable. This loving couple chose to weave their lives together in a unique setting, celebrating their love amidst the historic walls of the Venetian…

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Wedding at Abbazia di Spineto

Wedding at Abbazia di Spineto – Tuscany

At some weddings, magic is in the air. It may be because the event had to be postponed for the pandemic, or it may be that Love always finds a way, but regardless, Marta & Luca’s wedding was a romantic eulogy to tenderness and joy. My day as a wedding…

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Wedding at Lake Como – Silvia & Holger

Wedding at Lake Como – Villa Aura del Lago | Silvia&Holger

From Washington DC to Germany for the wedding at Lake Como; Silvia & Holger’s wedding was a true and wonderful melting pot! With the bride-to-be an Italian, while Holger a German, the couple decided, as per tradition, to tie the knot in Silvia’s hometown, overlooking the fairy tale Lake Como.…

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same sex wedding at Lake Orta

same-sex Wedding at Lake Orta – Tiziano&Luca

As a wedding photographer at Lake Orta, I’m able to recognise emotions at first glance and I can tell you that Luca and Tiziano’s wedding was a triumph of passionate and pure Love. The celebration took place on the gorgeous and romantic island of Orta San Giulio, surrounded by the…

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Wedding in Italy church Battistero cathedral - Padua

Wedding in Italy church
Battistero cathedral – Padua

From the first moment I met Claudia and Nazareno I understood immediately that they are a very special couple. Thus their wedding couldn’t be otherwise; special indeed. As a wedding photographer in Venice, I’m familiar with the locations of the area. The couple, for their celebration, picked the Cathedral Baptistery…

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Wedding Villa Mosconi Bertani Verona Sabrina&Stefan

Wedding at Villa Mosconi Bertani Verona | Sabrina&Stefan

Sabrina and Stefan fell in love among the clouds, on a flight. She’s a flight assistant, he’s an aircraft pilot. Both are German but for their wedding day they choose Italy, driven by a common passion for our country, its people and its good food! As their wedding venue they…

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Wedding Villa Boscarello - Trequanda

Wedding at Villa Boscarello – Trequanda Elena & Alexis

I love travelling, even if it’s for work. So, when the lovely French couple, Elena and Alexis, chose as their wedding Villa Boscarello in the countryside of Siena in the heart of Tuscany, I was in straight away! And so here we are, in the wonderful region of Val d’Orcia,…

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wedding Castello del Catajo

Wedding Castello del Catajo

When two gazes meet and the heart pounds, that is Love. Sara and Daniel fell in love. They are soul mates. Their wedding was a fairy-tale, a special moment which sealed an endowed union. Let me tell you about it.

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wedding Salò Lake Garda

Wedding in Salò – Lake Garda

Who wouldn’t want to celebrate their wedding on the shores of Lake Garda? Nina and Martin came to Salò all the way from Germany, driven by their passion for this lovely region that, as a wedding photographer at Lake Garda, I have gotten to know very well. For the event,…

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Wedding in Burano Venice - Iana&Marco

Wedding in Burano – Venice

Today I want to introduce you to a wonderful couple, Iana and Marco. It was an honour to be their wedding photographer in Venice, in Burano to be precise. Marco is a cheerful, friendly guy. Iana has a charming smile and with her wonderful wedding gown she seems to bewitch…

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