Wedding at Abbazia del Pero

As a wedding photographer in Venice I met a special couple, Stefania and Stephen, from London. For their wedding Stefania and Stephen gathered friends and family from all around the world, in an effervescent assembly of joy and traditions that made their wedding a truly unique event.

As customary, the couple gets ready separately, as the groom should never meet the bride before the ceremony begins! In Treviso, Stefania gets ready assisted by her mother, who helps her to wear a splendid wedding gown from Sposa d’Este. The bride’s make-up is entrusted to Lisa Semenzato.

The atmosphere at Stephen’s is more spirited. Here we follow the traditions of his motherland, Greece, where the father helps the groom put on the tie and the father-in-law helps to arrange the cuff links.

The ceremony takes place by an ancient wine press at the Abbazia del Pero in Monastier di Treviso. This room seeps history, arts and crafts. For the occasion, the décor has been set up by Andrea from Fioreria Daniela and it welcomes the couple with warmth, while beams of light from the stormy sky caress the guests’ moved faces. It’s time for the vows and the exchange of rings and after a long passionate kiss the couple’s new life begins!

Following the ceremony, in the cloister of the abbey, Dario ricevimenti, one of the best catering companies in the region, has set up a rich aperitif. Later we move indoors, where soft candle light accompanies the dinner, while outside a wild storm has broken. As a photographer I understand how many problems rain can cause during a wedding, however the chiaroscuro that the clouds create turn every picture into a small masterpiece!

For the cutting of the cake the rain has stopped and we venture outdoors. The wedding cake is a fabulous white patisserie treasure, made true by Manuela from Ibrido di Tea. It’s again time for more traditions, with the auspicious smashing of a plate by the newlywed couple and the throwing of the bouquet. The evening ends splendidly, alternating romantic dances with uninhibited moves at the sound of exotic music. For this we have to thank Daniel Cau who framed the day with smooth jazz tunes and turned the evening into an energetic DJ set!

Congratulation guys. May you be happy together!

Love is the most ancient of the gods


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