Wedding at Villa Boscarello – Trequanda
Elena & Alexis

I love travelling, even if it’s for work. So, when the lovely French couple, Elena and Alexis, chose as their wedding Villa Boscarello in the countryside of Siena in the heart of Tuscany, I was in straight away!

And so here we are, in the wonderful region of Val d’Orcia, home to the quintessential Tuscan landscape: singular and dramatic. The way in which the couple respectively prepares for the day is quite different. At Elena’s the atmosphere is relaxed and intimate, in tone with the tranquil landscape one enjoys from her window. At Alexis’ on the other hand, the friends and best men are encouraging a more buoyant ambience. The ceremony takes place in the garden of Villa Boscarello that has been embellished with a country chic décor for the occasion. The guests are ready and the groom arrives. Here come the adorable flower girls and the page boy, escorted by the couple’s Jack Russells, the witnesses of honour of the day.

The couple sits underneath a sturdy and auspicious olive tree, decorated for the occasion with white roses and white babe’s breath. The green tones of the rustic Tuscan countryside surround us while the chatter of Alexis, Elena and their friends and family brings the tranquil surroundings to life. Laughter gives way to tears as their joy grows into extreme happiness with the exchanging of the rings and the couple’s vows. These will be eternal, I can feel it. After the ceremony it’s time for a toast! Prosecco and champagne are served. The first is a homage to this country and the second celebrates the couple’s homeland.

The courtyard in Villa Boscarello is brought to life with lights and is now ready for the banquet. First, though, it’s time for some delicious canapés by the pool accompanied by the jazz and swing soundtrack by ArToMusic. The trepidation felt during the ceremony gives way to pure fun. It’s time for pecks and embraces but also for dancing and unexpected flash mobbing that turn the evening into an unforgettable event! Before the sun sets, leaving space to a star filled night, I seize my chance. As every wedding photographer aspires to do in Tuscany, I manage to shoot a timeless photo where nature is king. Like in a scene painted by Van Gogh, the couple, among cypress trees and hay bales, kisses and walks, hand in hand, towards a new life where two souls share one heart. Congratulation guys!

Here is my secret.

It’s quite simple:

One sees clearly only with the heart.

Anything essential is invisible to the eyes

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, The Little Prince