Fotografo Matrimonio Verona

Verona is the city of Romeo and Juliet and as such, romantic par excellence! Working as a wedding photographer in Verona is always a new and thrilling experience. The Arena and the Piazza delle Erbe, together with the Ponte Scaligero, make up the perfect setting for shooting memories of that special day; one’s wedding day.

Verona is so magic, replete of art and history. Could one think of a better place for a wedding?

In Verona, locations for a civil ceremony are extremely evocative. I’m thinking of Juliet’s House or the fabulous chapel Cappella dei Notai in the Palazzo della Regione, or again the Sala Arazzi in Palazzo Barbieri. Finally, impossible to dismiss, is Sala Guarienti at the Museo degli Affreschi.

Matrimonio Convento Annunciata
Matrimonio Soave Verona
matrimonio Verona Mosconi Bertani

Wedding Venues in Verona

The Verona area is dotted with many dreamy wedding venues. The first to come to mind is Villa Serego Alighieri, a gem set in the divine landscape of Valpolicella. This is a location of rare beauty, romantic and highly suggestive. Villa Mosconi Bertani is another perfect venue to celebrate a wedding, a historical manor built in the middle of the eighteenth century. Villa Dionisi dates back to the same period. This old estate is surrounded by greenery and dotted in the golden tones of the lemons in the dazzling lemon grove.

Villa Arvedi, which dates back to the thirteenth century, is a grand property, framed by ancient plants almost as old as the building itself, which create a truly unique atmosphere. For lake lovers who maybe caressing the idea of a boat entrance to the reception, the Dogana Veneta could be the perfect choice. The building was erected at the time of the Venetian Republic, in the old harbour town of Lazise, on Lake Garda. Finally, were you thinking to celebrate your wedding immersed in nature you must consider the Convento dell’Annunciata and its forest. This entrancing property sits only a thirty-minute drive from Verona, yet is in the Mantua province.

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