Boho Chic Wedding
Celtic traditions – Giulia&Daniele

For Giulia and Daniele, Avalon… and a pain au chocolat played Cupid! This is how this couple met, at an airport café, sharing a sweet pastry and a common passion for the island featured in the Arthurian legend. Since that moment onwards they have always been together, as far as today; their most important day yet.

Giulia and Daniele’s boho chic wedding was celebrated according to Celtic traditions and was full with emotions. It was an honour for me to be their photographer and be able to narrate that wonderful day.

My morning as their wedding photographer in Verona starts at the groom’s home, where a cheerful group of friends and the best men help Daniele get ready for the big day. Only when I reach the Hotel Leonardo da Vinci in Abano Terme, where Giulia is, do I notice how palpable the romanticism and truly pure emotions are becoming. Before Sere MUA starts taking care of the make-up, the bride’s bouquet by Il Boschetto di Dafne arrives at the door and it’s not alone. It comes with a poetic letter from Daniele. It’s pointless to explain how his words move everyone, including myself!

Thanks to Officina delle Fate from Milan, Giulia wears a wonderful silk chiffon gown which fits the boho chic Celtic wedding theme perfectly. Before leaving the hotel, Giulia agrees to a last toast to relax with her bridesmaids. Now it’s time to leave all together for the Monastero dei Salesiani.

The location is delightful, plunged in nature. The air is pure here and the wildlife frolics freely. Giulia and Daniele picked this place, to which they feel very connected, to celebrate their wedding outdoors with a traditional Catholic wedding followed by a Celtic ritual, in honour to their beloved Avalon. The tenderness and deep emotions that dominate the ceremony soon give way to a cheerful dinner in the monastery cloister. During the reception Emanuela Campagnoli‘s music delights the guests. Although rain eventually hits us, it’s soon gone and leaves the floor to barefoot dancing: what a party!

The couple even arranged for pain au chocolats to be served, to commemorate their unique meeting. And there are more surprises in store… two cakes as today is also Giulia’s birthday! So, in the soft, magical atmosphere of this summer evening a small cake gets delivered to Giulia. It hides a surprise, but what will it be? Two tickets to a very special destination: Avalon.

Romantic dancing closes the evening as the couple’s friends join them in a joint hug. Thank you, guys. Thank you for the wonderful emotions that this day has gifted. May your life be splendid!

And this our life
exempt from public haunt,
finds tongues in trees,
books in the running brooks,
sermons in stones,
and good in everything.
(William Shakespeare)

Boho Chic Wedding – Celtic traditions

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