Wedding at Villa Mosconi Bertani
Verona | Sabrina&Stefan

Sabrina and Stefan fell in love among the clouds, on a flight. She’s a flight assistant, he’s an aircraft pilot. Both are German but for their wedding day they choose Italy, driven by a common passion for our country, its people and its good food! As their wedding venue they pick Villa Mosconi Bertani, built around the 1700 and plunged in the middle of the Valpolicella. My mission to be their wedding photographer in Valpolicella starts here, in this majestic, wonderful villa.

Sabrina wears a white gown, with lace on the shoulders and sleeves and an ample skirt. It’s a dress worthy of a princess, with a touch of colour added by the satin belt. Stefan is extremely elegant too, though his breezy hairstyle lets transpire a similarly joyful and carefree spirit. The ceremony takes place within the estate, in a romantic tiny island. In this enchanting natural setting, beams of light create a dream-like atmosphere that turn the bride’s arrival and the exchanging of the vows into what could be a scene of a timeless movie. In the background the villa’s greenery waves in the wind and some of the longer branches seem to be reaching out to bless the union.

After the ceremony it’s time for the dinner! A wedding at the heart of the oenological region of Valpolicella includes of course, wine tastings. The sampling of the local produces includes the king of the region; the Amarone wine. The exquisite catering company, “Burro e salvia”, has prepared every sort of delicacy for the guests and everything is inspired by local produce. Friends and family are celebrating and join the couple on the dance floor, turning the wedding in the most cheerful event one could think of! The lake waters turn silver, the sky fills with stars, and the time arrives for the cutting of the cake in the classy setting of one of the villa’s frescoed rooms. I take a last shot, it captures dancing and cheerful smiles. My duty as a wedding photographer in Valpolicella today has come to an end.

Thank you, guys. It was a wonderful day and I felt emotions I will never forget.
May you be happy and in love, forever!

“Since I fell in love with you everything is transformed and is full of beauty…
Love is like an aroma, like a current, like rain.
You know, my sky, you rain on me and I, like the Earth, receive you”
Frida Kahlo