wedding in Valpolicella

As far as the eye can see there are vineyards, and as such the tones of the landscape mature and evolve as the seasons tick by. Still wondering why Valpolicella is one of areas I love the most in my land? When I find myself as a wedding photographer in Valpolicella, I feel I’m there for leisure and not work anymore. Here nature is at its best, a lush, unimpeded green triumph.

Weddings in Valpolicella are ideal for couples that wish to experience this land, dense with charm and splendour, where nature meets with emotions. Imagine a photo at sunset, among the vineyard rows running parallel till the horizon. You two are at the centre of that picture, a couple tenderly meeting in an eternal kiss. Can you imagine anything more romantic?

Wedding in Italy Valpolicella
wedding at Villa Mosconi Bertani

Wedding Venues in Valpolicella

Among the best wedding venues in Valpolicella there is undoubtedly Villa Serego Alighieri in Sant’Ambrogio di Valpolicella. This is a unique property, dating back to the middle of the fourteenth century. Here it’s possible to organise an outdoor reception with a rich, romantic banquet. Another wonderful estate for a wedding in Valpollicella is Villa Mosconi Bertani in Arbizzano di Negrar. The historical property dates back to 1500. Its grand frescoed rooms are astonishing and a flawless match to the villa’s exquisite English garden, where it is also possible to organise a civil wedding.

To couples looking to celebrate their wedding outdoors in a dramatic setting, I would definitely suggest Villa Rizzardi, in Negrar. Forgetting for a second the building itself, what is really striking here is the vast outdoors: La Limonaia (the Lemon Garden), il Giardino Segreto (The Secret Garden) and the Teatro di Verzura, which are all perfect settings for a civil ceremony or to simply host the wedding reception. Finally, it is also possible to celebrate a civil wedding at Villa Cariola in Caprino Veronese, both outdoors and in.

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