Wedding Villa Serego Alighieri – Verona

As a wedding photographer in Verona I always meet new people, often foreign couples, who choose to marry in my beautiful land. This is how I met Angela and Matthias, who picked the wonderful lodging of Villa Serego Alighieri in the Valpolicella area as their wedding reception location and accommodation for those nights.

On the wedding day, the couple has two very different ways of getting ready. At Matthias’ the air is intimate and only his brother is around to keep him company. At Angela’s on the other hand, the atmosphere is definitely festive, her Neapolitan roots shine like the sun and smiles are all around, contagious. The wedding planner Christine is here too, together with Angela’s mother and her aunties. They are all keeping the bride entertained while she’s having her make-up and hair done until she wears her breath-taking wedding gown. She looks like a goddess now.

And just like a goddess, Angela enters the church floating on the light flooding in from outside. Her eyes and soul are as moved as they’ve ever been. Walking her down the aisle, her mum and brother are clearly touched too. Matthias can’t take his eyes off Angela.

The ceremony is emotional. Love is all around, tangible. The magic climaxes as the bride’s brother sings to the couple a romantic song which he accompanies with the guitar.

After the ceremony there is time for a couple of quick customary pictures before heading back to the villa. Here the couple’s friends have already organised games and entertainment for all, while the catering delights guests with its canapés.

During the dinner the happiness is palpable. The guests’ jolly spirit, especially that of the Neapolitans, turns this party into… THE PARTY! Popular songs and unrestrained dancing, fusing the Italian and Germanic traditions, keep everyone entertained. And then there is Angela’s music. With her adorable voice she dedicates a song to her husband in a truly unique and romantic moment.

It has been an extraordinary wedding in Valpolicella, joyful and amazingly intense. Angela and Matthias, thank you very very much for choosing me as your wedding photographer. I wish you to be forever as happy as you are today.

That’s how you fall in love, looking for the one thing in the person you love that hasn’t been revealed to anyone else,
that is given as a gift only to the one who searches and listens with love.
You fall in love when you are nearby, but not too near,
You fall in love from a corner of a room, off to the side,
near a table full of people, on a terrace where the others are dancing
(Erri De Luca)