Wedding in Arquà Petrarca

How would a reputable love story start? With “Once upon a time”, of course!

Once upon a time there was a smiling maiden called Ilana who lived in the shining city of New York. One day, like many others, she attends a work conference. There is nothing much to report really, except that it is precisely at that conference that she meets Vijay, the man of her dreams. It’s love at first sight! But… and it’s a big but… Vijay lives in San Francisco, 3000 miles away! Ten months pass but in the end Vijay takes the big decision and flies to NYC to share every day of his life with Iliana.

Four years later…

Iliana and Vijay choose to celebrate their Italian wedding in Arquà Petrarca,near Verona and Valpolicella and organise the reception at the renown “La Montanella” restaurant. The restaurant made one of its indoor gardens available for the civil celebration. The couple was helped in the organisation by Francesca B, a wedding planner in Italy.

Iliana looks gorgeous today, she can’t contain her smile and her eyes are heart shaped!

Vijay is as excited as a child: he’s about to marry the woman of his life.

At his side are his loyal friends, trying to melt the tension with a pat on the shoulder and a smile, and why not, a sip or two of good whiskey!
The preparation process outlines an ancient story, a story made of rituals that every day, in every corner of the earth, are carried out to help two souls get ready for the beginning of their life together. Some light make-up and a royal coiffure are arranged by the skilled V.A. Acconciatori team. The white gown, glimmering in the light, is worn and becomes a second skin penetrating Iliana’s soul. The bride’s friends are all around for her.

At Vijay’s the excitement is tangible, the boutonnières match the bouquet and the cuff links are reminiscent of Iliana’s bright eyes, dazzling with the image of her groom.

The couple looks at each other as if for the first time. They exchange vows that fill the air with tenderness, their voices broken, moved by the great excitement… How can one ignore so much love? When the best man hands over the rings, time seems to stop… Iliana stretches out her hand, Vijay takes it tenderly and puts the ring on. The same happens all over. Now they are husband and wife. The couple breaks a glass, as per the Jewish tradition and a “Mazel Tov” raises from the guests as a good omen.

A smile possesses their faces, the beauty of love is all around and the guests clap to honour the couple’s new life starting today.

It seems a fairy-tale. Maybe it really is one. At the end of the day, didn’t it start with “Once upon a time…”?

Wishing you both to be happy ever after, as you deserve. Congratulations on your wedding day!