Wedding Convento dell’Annunciata

Marrying at the Convento dell’Annunciata in Medole is a bit like taking part in a fairy-tale. From my experience as a wedding photographer in Verona I can say that this monastery, not far from the Veneto border and south of Lake Garda, is one of the most dramatic locations I’ve ever seen. It’s here that Valentina and Neils’ new life together starts. This young Italian-Dutch couple has chosen this special place in Italy to tie the knot.

Amongst the trees in the adjacent copse, snow-white flowers and chairs, masterly arranged by the wedding florist “La Fiorellaia”, await. It’s not long though before the approaching sound of laugher and footsteps announces the arrival of the groom and guests! The professional Samantha Pretto, meanwhile, is applying the final touches to the bride’s make-up. The guests and groom are all patiently waiting for Valentina, the bride with the sky-blue eyes. She walks down the aisle, excited, grasping her father’s arm. Tearful tender looks make it obvious to us all ladies and gentlemen, that today, love is in the air. To loosen up the atmosphere, a bit of fun is always welcome, and the best man and friends’ respective speeches result in more than a giggle. Later, thanks to the soft tunes from the Caprice string quartet, the mood plunges back into a moving, intimate atmosphere, perfect for the exchanging of the rings. Congratulations!

It’s then time for the Italian auspicious custom of throwing rice over the newlyweds, before we move to the cloister where the tableau de marriage designed by Lucia from Abbicuradi, shows the sitting plan. In the rooms of the Convento dell’Annunziata the delicious banquet orchestrated by Dispensa Pane e Vini is ready to delight the guests. The wedding favour table is gorgeous too, thanks to the craftsmanship of “blulavanda” . Emotion seems to flood the space when the mother of the bride starts singing an aria for the couple, accompanied by the quartet of strings. The day continues between toasts and music but when it’s time to cut the wedding cake, we are back in the forest. Once again, the bride has surprised everyone by changing into an adorable short dress for this.

Best wishes for a happy life together. May each of your days be as rich as this first one!

When love beckons to you,

follow him,

though his ways are hard and steep.

Khalil Gibran