Wedding Castello del Catajo

When two gazes meet and the heart pounds, that is Love. Sara and Daniel fell in love. They are soul mates. Their wedding was a fairy-tale, a special moment which sealed an endowed union. Let me tell you about it.

To go to Daniel’s home, I travel to the countryside of Padua and arrive at his family’s villa where his mum and the best men are helping him to get ready. There is time for a quick toast before we need to leave for the church! I then go to Sara’s, who is waiting for me together with little Gabriel. The house is plunged in a delicate silence that the light beams entering through the windows seem to dramatise even more. Touchingly caressed by a gentle stream of light and under the attentive eye of her maid of honour, Sara is having her make-up finished by a capable make-up artist, Serena Sere MUA.
It’s now time for Sara to take care of her little one. Gabriel consents to be groomed and that special bond that ties mother and son transpires in all its tenderness.

However, what kind of wedding would it be if we didn’t account for the bride’s friends? In a swirl they come to help the bride get ready, filling the house with laughter and glee. Sara is simply beautiful in the wedding dress from Atelier Sposa D’Este which seems tailored to her features. Now she is the bride par excellence!

We get to the church where Daniel is waiting for his Sara. Tenderly he raises the veil and kisses her forehead before taking her arm and walking her down the aisle. The light descends in a beam on the central nave of the church reminding everyone that today is a wonderful day for Love. During the ceremony Gabriel too has a prominent role. Today is also his christening!

Wedding at Castello del Catajo

After the ceremony we all move to the majestic Castello del Catajo. This is an incredible property radiating history and beauty from every corner, and here the couple’s guests indulge in delicacies served by Chalet Banqueting. The surrounding gardens and the terrace become the background of a fabulous and special story, where the soundtrack is the engaging tunes of Animarea who entertain the couple and guests for the day.

When the sun silently hides behind the hills giving way to a tepid mid-May evening,
I shoot the best photo of the day, the merry family.

Chiesa della Beata Vergine della Salute (Este)