Wedding at Villa Correr Agazzi
Venice – Elena&Elvis

As a wedding photographer in Venice I had the chance to meet a wonderful family. Mum and dad, aka the bride and groom, Elena and Elvis, and their two adorable kids that assisted the couple on their special day.

The morning starts with Elvis getting ready, helped by his long-lasting best friend and, today, best man. At Elena’s, love is all around. When getting ready, the bride receives the attention and care she deserves, but also the youngest of the house gets snuggles and cuddles: love is in the air!

After the customary arrangements, we get to the cathedral in Motta di Livenza, Treviso. Elvis surprises everyone with a very cute idea. Their children arrive at the church, escorting the bride’s sporty Porsche, in an electric toy car. They are adorable! The bride is gorgeous and everyone is moved when she walks down the aisle with the little ones. The kids stay at the couple’s side during the entire ceremony. It’s a united and happy family, where love is king. Can there be anything sweeter? The exchanging of rings and the vows are simply uniting even more strongly a family unit that already exists.

After the ceremony the couple exits the church tearing through a huge crimson paper heart. They now need to literally unwrap the Porsche (and the little electrical toy car) that some of the guests wrapped as a joke, as per Italian tradition. We now move to the Venice area to continue the celebration outdoors, in the garden of the classy Villa Correr Agazzi, in San Stino di Livenza.

At the villa, the atmosphere is delightful in every sense. The aperitif even includes a sushi corner; I must say that Elvis and Elena are really spoiling their guests! After toasts and delicacies, it’s now time to cut the cake. But don’t misjudge. The evening doesn’t finish here as live music and wild dancing entertain the guests till very late! What else to say? A grand celebration for a grand family.

Congratulation guys!

“Having a place where to go
is called home
Having someone to love
is called family.
Having both
is a blessing”