same-sex Wedding at Lake Orta – Tiziano&Luca

As a wedding photographer at Lake Orta, I’m able to recognise emotions at first glance and I can tell you that Luca and Tiziano’s wedding was a triumph of passionate and pure Love. The celebration took place on the gorgeous and romantic island of Orta San Giulio, surrounded by the waters of the homonymous lake and where San Giulio is said to have built his hundredth church.

I’m going to tell you the story of a destination wedding. As I’m sure you are aware, travelling is the bread and butter of professionals who, like myself, have taken on the role of storytellers. This time the tale is about a wonderful same-sex wedding at Lake Orta where every sunbeam and every puff of wind bore witness to, and gave blessing to, the sweetest of all vows: Yes, I do.

The day starts with a radiant smile from nature, birds tweeting harmoniously and the gentle sound of the lake’s waves rhythmically cradling the boats floating on its surface.
The couple is staying at Locanda di Orta and both men are together with their loved ones while getting ready. Luca is jolly, lively and always ready for a smile or a genuine laugh. With him are his parents, his sister and his cousin. Tiziano’s parents are in turn helping their son to get ready. Unlike Luca, Tiziano is reserved and shy but his bright eyes speak for him, and despite it all, he is certainly not prepared to waive a touch of transgression: wearing sneakers!

Before leaving for the city hall Luca’s father gives a speech for the couple. It’s a truly touching, intense moment that emphasises how engaged the respective families are in the life of these boys.

The last touches to the look of the newlyweds to be happen on the Locanda terrace, rainbow roses take their place as the boutonnières and soon after we are on our way. The couple approaches the city hall of Orta di San Giulio on a boat which allows them and their parents a grand entrance at the venue, where friends and family are waiting. After the civil rite, Daniele- one of the couple’s close friends- officiates the touching moment of the exchange of the rings accompanied by the melodic string music by “Emanuela Campagnoli”.

The reception takes place at “Ristorante il Laghetto della Gelata”. On the table there is a pomegranate, an important symbol for the couple as it’s tightly bound with their love story. On their terrace at home, Luca and Tiziano have a pomegranate tree. For quite some time, despite summer having arrived, it hadn’t been producing neither flowers nor fruits. That same year the couple went on holiday to Sardinia, Luca’s homeland. Both boys had independently decided that that was the perfect occasion to propose to the other… and so it happened! Once back in Milan, they found their pomegranate tree magically full with buds; a universal symbol of blessing, breathing new life into their relationship as only Love can do. Thus of course, it is not down to chance that on their special day Luca is wearing two traditional and auspicious Sardinian pomegranate-shaped buttons on the collar of his shirt.

Karaoke, dancing and the guests’ touching speeches turn the event into a real marvel, never short of tears of joy nor brisk moments of happiness. The cutting of the cake overlooking the lake at sunset is the perfect conclusion for this day.

While I’m stealing the last shot at this same-sex wedding at Lake Orta, I realise that today I witnessed a true tribute to Love, to Purity, to the will of two people to be one forever, surrounded by the joyful souls of friends and family who made this occasion absolutely memorable. When uniting the hearts of Luca and Tiziano, Cupid fired the perfect arrow. Congratulations guys, may your life be bright, always!

When two people are at one in their inmost hearts,
that it shatters even the strength of iron and bronze.
And when two people understand each other in they inmost hearts,
their words are sweet and strong, like the fragrance of orchids.