Wedding at Villa di Montruglio – Vicenza

Maurizio and Tiziana chose me as their Italian wedding photographer in Vicenza, a lovely town! Maurizio is a jolly guy, always smiling, and he’s very close to his family. In fact, it’s the mum and dad who help their “kid” to get ready. At Tiziana’s, happiness is palpable too, contributing factors are her friends, the bridesmaids and her mother who all help her to wear an impressive gown. Tiziana is simply gorgeous now!

Maurizio reaches the church of Orgiano in style, climbing the long ramp of stairs leading to the church, together with the youngest members of the family. But when it is Tiziana turn to arrive, all the eyes are on her. Smiling, happy and in love, in front of family and friends, the couple swears eternal reciprocal love. On exiting the church, they tear through a scarlet paper heart that reads their joint names. There is clapping, rice flying on the newlyweds and greetings and hugs all around. And now it’s time to celebrate!

As their reception venue, the couple chose the marvellous Villa di Montruglio, built between the seventeenth and eighteenth century. Before heading to the reception though, Maurizio surprises his new bride with a short photo shoot at Villa Fracanzan Piovene in Orgiano, where a few decades before Tiziana’s parents had married. The wedding arrangements at Villa Montruglio are impeccable, masterly set up by the “Quintessential” wedding planner”, who has arranged two impressive long tables in the salon. Meanwhile the live music played by Gilbert Chellin fills the air and sends everyone to the dance floor. Later in the evening, after the cutting of the cake, a firework display delights the guests. It doesn’t end the evening though, and on the contrary, it opens once again the dance floor that stays busy until late.

May you have a happy life together guys. Today your fairy-tale begins!

“If I had to choose between your love and my life,

I would choose your love,

because it is my life”

Jim Morrison

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